Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The short day

Day 4: Matho Doksa (14,500 ft) to  Gangpoche (14,550 ft) via Matho La.(14,850ft)

Our trek itinerary rated this day as 'Easy' while yesterday was rated 'Difficult'. Also we weren't going to be gaining much altitude. As we started off I probably was expecting a too easy day - wasn't to happen. Atleast 2 times we descended into a valley and climbed up again! The day began quite similar to yesterday - gradual ascent over a green meadow. Some distance into the walk, we descended into a valley for a water crossing. However this wasn't like any of the earlier ones. There was a ice bridge over the water!

We climbed up on the other side and again continued for a while and crossed Matho La. Again the colours of nature were a sight to behold.

Around half an hour before the Ganagpoche campsite we descended into another valley, another water crossing before climbing up again to the campsite.

Unlike the campsites till now, this one had some other camping parties too. Gangpoche falls on some other trekking trails too. There is a permanent tea tent too!

In the evening we climbed to a small hill behind the campsite for acclimatization. It gave nice views of the mountains and the campsite.

Can you spot the campsite in the picture?

After coming down we headed straight to the tea tent to have Maggi over interesting travel stories :)



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