Sunday, August 26, 2012

The first steps

Day 1: Leh to Shang

Not much walking on this day :) We left by SUVs for our destination for the day, Shang. It’s along a diversion on the Leh-Manali highway from Karu. Once we left the highway, we were on barely motorable roads surrounded by barren hills.

Felt good to be back :) The mountains provide an unexplainable peace. Finally we got off the vehicles and walked about an hour to our camping site for the day.

A nice site by the water side in a surprisingly green valley. And guess what there were mustard fields too… is the tune ringing in the ears? :) There was also a picturesque monastery on an adjacent hill top.

The rest of the support staff was already there with the camping equipment.

It was just a little past noon. With not much to do for the rest of the afternoon, we climbed to the monastery on the nearby hill. Nice views of the campsite and the valley from there

In the evening we had a round of introductions with the support staff followed by dinner. 

Next day the real trek would start!

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