Sunday, August 26, 2012

The real first day

Day 2: Shang (12,000 ft) to Shang Phu (14250 ft)

Today the real trek begins. Its around 5-6 hours walk. No steep inclines to be climbed. However due to the high altitude its not as comfortable as a similar walk in the plains. The day begins with a water crossing across the camp side stream. The initial walk is along a well levelled path with green fields on both sides and the water stream never too far away.

In a while the smooth road ended and we were walking along the river bed. Its not very comfortable walking on the small rocks and pebbles. And to add to our misery our guide decided to make us climb a small slippery section at a place, so that we could avoid crossing the river twice!

A little ahead on the trail...

The campsite at Shang Phu was besides a shepherd's hut with mud walls all round as well as dividing the area. The setting reminded me of 'hide-n-seek' games from childhood :) Today we pitched our own tents... and no, they didn't fly off :)

Today we were sleeping at 14250 feet, the highest that I had ever slept at!



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