Saturday, September 1, 2012

All good things come to an end...

Kargil to Leh

It was a feeling of been here, driven past. And though there was nothing new along this road, the scenic beauty never ceases to impress.

The green valleys...

The curving roads admist barren mountains....

The high-altitude passes...

The picturesque monasteries...

The miracle of human endeavor - BRO working hard to maintain these roads

Made all the more enjoyable by the company of friends :)

The Stok Kangri trek and this biking/hitchhiking trip was a fantastic three weeks in Ladakh. I almost had withdrawal symptoms when I came back to Pune! And now that a month has passed already wondering when will be the next trip to the hills. Am I addicted to the Himalayas? I think my family is going to check me into rehab! :P


Back on the bikes

Rangdum to Kargil

After 2 days of very eventful hitch hiking we were reunited with our bikes!. We left Rangdum very early. Good decision! There was hardly any water on the roads and we managed to move without much problems, albeit at a very slow pace. The morning sun made the valley appear even more beautiful!

After almost 2 hours of riding we came to the next village, Parachik. From here on there were random settlements at regular intervals.

Finally we re-joined the good road a little before Sankoo. What a relief!

A quick stop for food at Sankoo and we were set for the last leg of the ride to Kargil. From here on the road surface was good. There were many turns and that made riding here all the more fun! The temptation to race here was uncontrollable and I made a mad dash to Kargil! What a ride that was! :)