Thursday, February 21, 2013

The trip ends...

The agenda for today was to see the Janjira fort and then head north towards Kashid beach and from there back home to Pune. Early in the morning I headed to the jetty to get a ferry to Janjira fort. I was the only tourist there. There was only one ferry owner around. He told me the ferry has a capacity of 50 passengers and I would have to pay 50x the fare if I wanted to go immediately. Put off by his arrogance, I decided to wait. More than an hour passed and I was still the only one around. With a heavy heart I decided to turn back. A few snaps of the fort from a distance

I picked up my bag from the hotel and left for Pune. It was a nice ride through Tamhini Ghat.

Another trip came to an end. The biker in me thoroughly enjoyed this one. However the traveler in me was somewhat bored. Coincidentally, a para from Motorcycle Diaries, which I was then reading wonderfully captures my emotions. While passing through a road with seven beautiful lakes, Che notes, 'The sight of a lake and a forest and a solitary house with well-tended garden soon begins to grate. Seeing the landscape at this superficial level only captures its boring uniformity, not allowing you to immerse yourself in the spirit of the place, for that you must stop atleast several days' So true!


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