Thursday, February 21, 2013

A sense of ennui

As usual I was up early and back on the tranquil beach for a walk

Soon I was on the way, and an hour later having a nice breakfast in a shack on the Guhagar coast

Next I reached Anjanwel. The infamous Dabhol power plant is located here (wonder why it is called Dabhol power plant. Dabhol is across the creek!). I drove past the huge chimneys of the power plant to Gopalgad fort. A noticeboard here says the fort is private property but tourists was welcome :O. I took walk around the fort.

A short ferry ride later I was at Dabhol and on my way to Karde and Harne. By now a sense of ennui had set in. All beaches looked the same. I was enjoying riding on these roads but the landscapes did not appear as appealing as they did on the earlier two days! I continued almost without a break to Harihareshwar and Diveagar

By the time I reached Dighi the sun had begun to set. From here I was to catch a ferry to Rajapuri. Again a 30-45 min wait later I got a ferry. By the time I reached Rajapuri, it was almost dark. Some snaps as a de-boarded the ferry

From here it was a half hour drive to Murud. I checked in to a hotel there and then headed out for my last fish curry dinner



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