Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sanchen to Tsokha

Awake early, I again stepped out of the tent as soon as daylight came... And a positive surprise...

The sun was out! Looking forward to a great day ahead, we quickly got ready and went to Lokendra's temporary kitchen for breakfast. Eggs, bread, honey, coffee...  a royal breakast!

A yak sun bathing :P

Today's trail also passed through lush green surroundings

As we neared the fourth and the final bridge, the path became mucky. A week's heavy rains had made the trail very slippery.

When we reached Bakhim we were relieved to see a small hut-cum-shop. We settled down for a ginger tea. Aditya was the happiest at the sight of the hut ;) (No prizes for guessing why)

Here's a clue why...

After hour an hour break we started the steep hike to Tsokha.

The final climb to Tsokha

The over-crowded camp site at Tsokha

The clouds came back, leaving us wondering whether our luck had run out

Tomorrow we will get our first views of Kanchenjunga... hopefully!

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